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Cryostasis 01/08/11 Trial version English
  • Windows XP
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The Arctic Circle, Russian North Pole station 'Pole 21', 1981 - Alexander Nesterov is a meteorologist sent to investigate the final hours of the North Wind, an old nuclear ice-breaker trapped in an icy grave.

This steel beast once fought for its country, but during a dangerous mission it drifted into an ice trap slowly freezing to death every living thing on board.

Alex must fight against the intense cold by finding any remaining heat sources as he investigates the final days of the North Wind and unlocks the mysteries within.

However, Alex is no ordinary meteorologist as he possesses a unique Mental Echo' ability that allows him to relive the final memories of the dead and change their actions in the past, changing their future.

Nothing can prepare Alex for the truth he uncovers as he digs deeper into the history of the ship. Cryostasis takes players on a terrifying trip into the unknown as they explore the dark, frozen, claustrophobic corridors and unlock the shocking secrets of the North Wind.

Key Features:Terrifying first person survival/horror action gameplay. Unique Mental Echo ability providing the player the chance to change the outcome of a character's past.

Highly detailed levels based on a real Russian ice-breaker. Battle powerful enemies, all with unique capabilities. Non player characters help to reveal the true story.

Historically-authentic weapons. A completely new physics and weather system with realistic ice, frost and snow with advanced character/object physics.

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